Sliced Beef
Sliced Beef

Restaurant Delivery 

Feeling Hungry?  Let Tasxit Delivery your meals within approximately 45 minutes

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How does Tasxit work?

Restaurant Delivery

Create an order. Get Confirmed. Tasxit Delivers.

Grocery Shopping 

Create a Grocery List.

Tasxit shops and delivers. 

Florist Delivery

Create an order. Get confirmed. Tasxit Delivers. 

Order Groceries Online!
Save time and avoid the line!

Tasxit offers an online grocery shopping service that has been delivering groceries locally.  We will meticulously hand-pick each order using your creative list.




Chart & Stethoscope

About Tasxit 

Why Tasxit?

Tasxit is a delivery service for groceries, restaurants,

and florists.  We are housed in the greater Winchester Virginia area.   Times are changing into a virtual gig-economy.  Our customers want their items in a flash. Therefore, we have made Tasxit very simple and easy.  Order the type of delivery service you wish and have it delivered within 45 minutes. 


The time is now! Focus on yourself with restaurants remaining open, customers staying home and staying safe.  Allow Tasxit to provide the services you are unable to complete on your own. Tasxit offers Grocery Shopping, Restaurant Delivery, Florist Delivery.


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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 9pm

Saturday: 9am to 7pm

Sunday: 9am to 5pm

2971 Valley Avenue

(540) 268-0469

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